Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fridays are beer days : Youngs double chocolate stout.

Upon opening this bottle, you get a smack of chocolate goodness straight to the nose.
Your desert is now in liquid form and it is a double chocolate stout.
When your mouth was watering for some chocolate cake and a beer , but you could not choose...
Well here she is. The red head, with a burst of cocoa,fruitful notes,and bitter coffee to follow.
The bottled version is better then the can,just because it wont be nitrated and will retain the signature flavor.
I picked this one up at whole foods and it ran about $3.99.
Well worth it.
Highly recommend it.
Desert in a bottle.


  1. Sounds interesting. I'd have to try it, to erase the perception that it might have the chocolate kerosene flavor of Guinness, lol...

  2. Its not your ordinary stout and def. better then Guinness,not as heavy. (Or at least that is my opinion.)

    Thank you Stormdrane,

    I`m still practicing my Chinese and Monkey fist knots.