Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fridays are beer days : Memorial Day Drink A Thon

This is a primo ale. Sweet malt , hints of brown sugar, hazelnut,and caramel. Great nose with its almond smooth taste. Got this one at the local Trader Joe`s. Figured if the chocolate stout I had before from the U.K. was good , lets try this one. Its not as heavy and has a light bodied sweet taste. Again I think I hit the desert section with this ale. Goes down easy. Kind of regret only getting one bottle.
Estrella Damm is a unique lager from Barcelona. It is actually a Catalan Pilsener. First time I had it at a friends BBQ. This has a unique flavor which can be enjoyed at anytime. An all around lager perfect with any dish. From other peoples reaction of tasting this " copper penny", I personally enjoyed it. Yes its rustic and the Bud of Barcelona. But sometimes you just need that simplicity. Its got a dry finish and some notes of cherry. Pretty smooth. I guess when you want a regular lager and just need a drink, this on is it.

Started out with the family drinking this one Sat afternoon. Paulaner Hefe-Wiezen is a cloudy yeas wheat beer. It is unfiltered and has a cloudy appearance. Wheat beers "Hefe-Wiezens" are usually sweet and fruity. Its a full bodied beer which you can drink and not eat. This one will fill you up. There is also a certain way to pout these brews. Always pour into a chilled glass / pint. Half way and tilted. Swirl the glass / pint to lift the yeast sediment. Then pour in the rest. This little party keg gave you the freedom to do this action and enjoy the full flavor. I don`t like to add lemon slices or orange slices to wheat beers, because personally the acidity will kill that head and flavor. It will just be a wast, opinion of course.

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