Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review : Eddies Sweet Shop , Forest Hills , Queens , N.Y.

After a hot hike through Forest Park in Forest Hills Queens, It was time to get some thing cold in the body and soul. Low and behold there was Eddies Sweet Shop about three blocks from the exit. Coming in through the door`s , of course that over used line... " Its like time froze " . It did in a way and also it was quite hot so I was well aware of how hot it was getting. Took a seat at the ice cream bar and ordered a cherry coke mint ice cream soda. Man was it good. Classic club seltzer doused the cherry syrup and they both combined into the classic fizz. In came the mint ice cream, a scoop like a canon ball. Last but not least , home made classic whip cream. You have to see the stash when it gets out of its 50`s style fridge. A cloud in a bowl. Best $4.50 I spent yet. The place does not take cards and make sure to have cash on you...lot`s if your planning to try at least more then 5 items on the menu. Tax is included and take your time. Indulge in a classic American nostalgic setting before its too late and you wish you did. Its located at 10529 Metropolitan Ave # 1 Forest Hills, Queens N.Y.

Well worth the trip and hike.

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